The Beauty Experiment

The Price Chart

Not sure you can change the world? Roll over the items below to discover some new uses for your beauty budget.

For 1 penny

You could make a wish at a mall fountain or...
a pencil to a child learning to read in a developing nation.

For $15

You could buy an oversize fashion magazine or...
thirty trees and offset 5 metric tons of carbon in the air. Trees are donated to the Monarch Reserve in Mexico.
Alternately, you could beautify your wrist with a handmade recycled paper bead bracelet made by a female artisan in Cambodia

For $30

Treat yourself to a Mani-pedi or...
post- surgery physical therapy for 5 victims of severe hand or foot burns. About 90% of burns occur in the developing world and 70% of these are in children.
Alternately, you could order yourself 2 bottles of water based, phthalate-free, mineral-tinted nail polishes and 1 bottle of biodegradable remover.

For $50

You could endure a bikini wax to remove embarrassing pubes or...
keep a girl from missing school because she's embarrassed by her period and lack of sanitary supplies. A girl's "blood cost" for a year averages 50 school days. The following organization teaches women and girls to make, market and promote locally-produced, affordable, eco-friendly menstrual pads.

For $200

You could buy an overpriced department store party dress or...
a sewing machine to a place hit by natural disaster. The machines are given to sustainable community collectives.
Alternately, you could patronize a seamstress or tailor in your area for your own custom-made garment.

For $500

You could book one Botox treatment for wrinkly brows or...
medical supplies for surgeries on four women suffering from acid attacks. These attacks are usually a form of domestic violence and disproportionately aimed at young women
Alternately, you could support your own immune, lymphatic, nervous and digestive systems, as well as a local business by booking three ninety minute stress-reduction massages.

For $1,000

You could undergo ten sessions of cellulite reduction for unsightly female fat or...
a girl who is the first in her family to read -- for a year. The literacy rate for girls in Afghanistan is 18%.
Alternately, you could increase your fruit and veggie consumption by purchasing two years' worth of fruits and veggies provided by a farm-share or Community supported Agriculture membership.

For $3,000

You could splurge on a sexy designer handbag or...
eight female slaves from sexual or domestic bondage. The cost to free a slave and provide rehabilitation and support for three years is $376.
Alternately, you could splurge on something that won't go out of style: an original work of art by a female artist. See the community page at

For $5,000

You could buy yourself a diamond Push Present or Right Hand Ring or...
obstetric fistulas in 12 women. This childbirth injury often causes women to lose their babies, leak waste and be be treated as outcasts.
Alternately, you could buy recycled gold, vintage or estate jewels and conflict-free diamonds that don't rely on child labor or benefit warlords.

For $15,000

You could get a facelift or...
several villages of African mothers to pledge to end genital cutting (FGM) in their daughters. The practice of surgically altering or removing a young girl's genitalia is usually practiced without anesthetics.
Alternately, you could invest in 30 self-help seminars, 15 college-credit-earning online courses or give fifteen microcredit loans of a thousand dollars each to female entrepreneurs worldwide