The Beauty Experiment

Things to Try

Building your own giving list–and giving what you can, when you can– is an empowering antidote to the chronic sense of lack that marketers of beauty products and consumer goods want us to feel.

Below are the philanthropies mentioned in the pages of  The Beauty Experiment…


The United Nations Population Fund, provides education, maternal fetal care, and gender equality training around the world.

Po Leung Kuk provides social services for Hong Kong’s needy including women, children, families, and recent immigrants.

SHUMAS, or Strategic Humanitarian Services in Cameroon works with African, American, and European partners to promote sustainable rural development including school-building, biofarming, micro-lending, reforestation and adult literacy. enables people of all income levels to invest in and support entrepreneurs in developing countries.


And here are a few non-profits with missions that directly help or positively affect people I know and places I’ve been. 

Toward Health and Happiness

The Arthritis Foundation is working toward cures for a disease that afflicts both young and old.

Out of the Darkness community walks raise funds for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Susan G. Komen For the Cure needs no introduction.

SeasIt provides recreation therapy to cancer patients to improve their quality of life and improve recovery prospects.

Education and Literacy

LA’s BEST provides afterschool education and enrichment in 189 of Los Angeles’s elementary public schools.

826 National heads up writing, tutoring, and arts enrichment centers in eight U.S. cities.

DeepKids promotes school-age literacy and kid confidence in Savannah, Georgia.


Building a Better World

The Nature Conservancy “addresses the most pressing conservation threats at the largest scale.”

Somaly Mam Foundation works to end trafficking in Southeast Asia.

The Horse Shelter is a sanctuary for abused, abandoned, and neglected horses in New Mexico.