The Beauty Experiment

Survey Results

Despite its’ imperfections my survey yielded lots of surprises. There were a few things I thought I might find, but didn’t: for example I hunted for a “typical” profile of a beauty junkie and instead I found diversity.   I also thought men might reveal that they have a narrower (if possibly more intense) spectrum of  anxieties than women and that didn’t show up either.  (See Question 42.)  On the other hand, high or unified responses to a few questions blew me away.

For example the women in my survey REALLY valued their hair!  (Click on graphic for the clearest view.)

I was also surprised that most respondents didn’t know what was in their cosmetics:

 Or that so many respondents would be able to identify a cosmetic they’d like to scrap, particularly those “invisible” bulwarks of femininity, foundation and concealer:

The following question yielded the most unified result of my survey—when I saw it I felt as if my respondents were actually shouting at me.  The female “beauty package” sits at the heart of my experiment.

This is question 42, which revealed that the men and women I surveyed were nearly in lockstep as far as “pressing concerns.” The only difference that might be of statistical significance is that nearly 8 percent more women had gender-specific health concerns.

Which of the following are pressing concerns of yours right now?



I am forever grateful to all the women and men who helped me develop and distribute my survey and to everyone who took it. You taught me many things about myself, my biases, and my own habits.  Thank you!

Note: All survey data is copyrighted property and may be only be reproduced with adequate citation.