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Some early results…

by on Sep.10, 2010, under time

As of today, 249 women have taken my survey! I can’t help but be excited by this, especially since the results and comments have been so interesting this far. Also cool is the geographic distribution of respondents, seen here in a chart supplied by my friends at SurveyGizmo.

The east coast of the US is really well represented, but the Midwest and California are looking a little weak. Come on Mountain and Pacific time! Come on Alaska, Greenland, Australia, Russia, Indonesia, and all of South America! Show us your hair maintenance preferences! If you live in a geograpically unique place and are wondering if I can tag your survey responses to your location, the answer is no. I turned on the anonymizer at the beginning.

While this geodata chart is inspiring (and a little creepy, for me), the point here is the survey. For a look at the current responses to three specific questions check out the results page:

Reactions, rebuttals and other comments on this data are welcome in the comment box below. I’d love to get a conversation going.

Finally, 249 respondants is still very far short of 1000, and the men’s survey has only 59 so far. I’m starting my second big recruitment period and any help at all– facebook postings, word of mouth, ideas, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a lovely day.

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  • Susan Wilcox

    While I found the survey interesting, & more inclusive than I expected ( I rarely wear make-up & I don’t find all the things women do to fit into societal expectations for beauty important ), I think it would have been great if the questions were more detailed, & if it was possible to comment in detail on each question.

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